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Active Learners & Mental Health Education partner with primary and secondary schools to deliver a whole school solution to effective delivery of specialist subjects such as P.E, MFL, Music, Art, Drama, in addition to fully qualified and experienced Class Teachers, NQT.S and Teaching Assistants.  

Active Learners Education also provide a wide diversity of diverse mental health, behaviour management and counselling services to match schools’ requirements, including in-school substructure, proficient training and resources.

We deliver child counselling and mental health support in schools, including primary, secondary across England.

Each school has a devoted mental health professional who is an essential part of the school team.

They work closely with pupils, families and staff to enhance emotional well-being and offer mental health provision for the whole school.

How Will Your School Benefit By Partnering Up With Active Learners 

High Quality Teaching

Mental health and subject specialists impassioned about delivering life-long effective mental health support and education to your pupils

Save Money

Save money by using us for PPA instead of supply costs and create income from our extended clubs.

One PPA Provider

A whole school resolution to effective delivery of specialist subjects, and mentors providing a full PPA carousel that is fit for purpose

Mental Health

On site mental health support where our mentors and mental health specialists deal with mental health and behavior management in your school


Save Time

Fully Qualified Staff


All of our teachers, mental health and subject specialists, mentors and staff are fully qualified, DBS checked and have the experienced to deliver high quality lessons and support


Multiple teachers are able to take their PPA together, as well as enrichment requirements that meets your curriculum and financial needs

Assured peace of mind, knowing Active Learners will provide full schemes of work, planning, assessment and teacher observations

Assurance knowing we will provide a allocated mental health and subject specialist who will provide high quality services which meet the national curriculum

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