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Our staff are able teach at the same time over a full day, morning or afternoon. This is an effective way of delivering high quality PPA cover as schools can fulfil their PPA requirements for the day, a certain amount of days or full week. The classes rotate around the selected subjects you have chosen, so the pupils receive enriching lessons in specialist subjects.


Our Music Teachers are keen to make music fun and produce effective learning.


We have a proven track record of getting children engaged and enthusiastic about sport. With high quality lessons aligned with the National Curriculum


Our Art high-quality art and design lessons. engage, inspire and challenge pupils.


Children will learn drama skills and techniques that will encourage them to step outside of their comfort zone.


Interacting Spanish, French, Italian and German lessons guarantee your pupils improve communication skills.


Active Learners specialise in providing schools with the very best teachers to meet the standards and requirements of your school as well as Ofsteds.


We support pupils with mental health and behavior challenges. Our approach to children’s mental health means we aim to intervene early to prevent life-long mental health issues. For out more about mental health for pupils 

We will:

  • Provide as many teachers necessary to fulfill your dream PPA carousal

  • Help plan and create a timetable to make everything work.

  • Ensure all lessons are effective and meet National Curriculum requirements. 

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Find out more about our subjects which offers schools complete flexibility in delivery and effectve develpment.

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