Learn How To Manage Mental Health, Challenging Behaviour And Execute The Perfect Specialised Subject Lessons In Your School

Who Are Active Learners & Mental Health Education?

  • We are specialists providers for schools and colleges of mental health, behaviour management, one to one SEN support, PPA Cover, and qualified teachers based in London, specializing in specialist subjects (PE, Drama, Art, Music MFL), qualified teachers and mental health specialists.

  • The Director of Active Learners & Mental Health Education and fell in love helping pupils with mental health and improving the quality of teaching in schools in 2014, when he was teaching and realized, the number of pupils with mental health challenges were rising, there was little help, and specialized subject teachers were not teaching to the quality schools deserved, so he done something about it.

Who Is Our Service For?

  • Primary and Secondary schools as well as Colleges who are in need or want high quality and consistent subject specialist lessons, qualified and experienced one to one SEN support specialists, mental health specialists/mentors, or fully qualified class teachers and support staff.

  • Schools and Colleges who want to develop and improve the quality of teaching in their schools

  • Schools and Colleges who want or unsure on how to deal with pupils with mental health and behaviour challenges.

What Will You Learn And Gain......?

  • A variety of techniques on how to deal with mental health and behaviour management.

  • Schools who partner with us get FREE unlimited Training for their teachers on how to execute high quality Physical Education Lessons.

  • The opportunity to earn money for having us in your school via extended provision clubs.

  • How to promote mental health around your school.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • Do you wish you had more qualified teachers and support staff in your school or college to give a helping hand?

  • Do you dislike the idea of stretching your budget for PPA Cover or external supervision without regaining any of the outgoings?

  • Are you finding it difficult dealing with the same pupils who misbehave and need extra support or mentoring?

  • Have you tried bringing in external support in the past, but the quality of teaching or constancy hasn’t been what they promised?

How Active Learners Can Help Your School…

  • We are a PPA Cover, behaviour management and mental ehalth Specialist agency that focuses on adding value mental health support, and high-quality teaching to your school that produce EFFECTIVE results

  • We save you money, hours and days of time so you can be at ease knowing our teachers and specialists have everything under quality control.

  • You can use our services today and we will help plan a timetable to make everything work fluently.

Strategies Which Are Proven to Improve Behaviour and Mental Health In Schools

  • Encourage Social Time – 30mins – an hour a week for students to be social

  • Run Lunchtime Clubs – This is proven to heavily relive pressure

  • Have An Open-Door Policy – Essential for pupils to know they can come and talk about any issues

  • Have A Wellness Weeks – Put wellbeing at the heart of your school

Find out more on The Role Of Schools on our Mental Health For Pupils page

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