Our Primary School PPA Cover offers high quality drama and performing arts projects



Passionate About Inspiring Others Through Drama & Performing Arts 

We encourage al pupils to develop, have fun and express themselves. Active Learners Teachers practitioners focus on improving children’s self-belief and differentiate lesson in order for all pupils to make progress and feel a sense of accomplishment. Performing Arts assists understanding by helping children to recognise with and explore characters. 

Our Drama PPA cover is a great way for your pupils to develop their creativity and self-confidence and absorb dynamic skills such as leadership, and team work. We use a lesson planning structure for each year group with built in opportunities to attain all of the national curriculum requirements. Pupils will learn and develop drama skills and performances that will inspire them to step outside of their comfort zone, to increase their knowledge and to grow on their confidence. Our Drama lessons have a proven-track record of enlightening levels of English for pupils with English as an Extra Language.


We aim to:

  • Engaging lessons which will build self-confidence and comprehension

  • Lessons which will fall in place with term topics to develop progress

  • Pupils creative thinking skills developed through role play 

  • Put on performances each term to showcase pupils work and development

  • Increase ambition and achievement 

  • Develop leadership, teamwork, and creativity

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