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Active Learners Education provides breakfast and after school clubs for primary and secondary schools. The clubs that we provide are Multi Sports, Football, Street Dance, Gymnastics, Film Club, Basketball, Cricket, Drama, MFL, and Art. All of our clubs can be done for reception, KS1, KS2 or KS3, KS4 and can be administrated by the school or by our administration team. All clubs can be included in to your half or full day booking.

Our breakfast clubs are created to give your pupils the perfect start ahead of a full day of learning.

Children will receive a healthy breakfast as well as the chance to partake in a wide range of activities to prepare their minds and bodies for the eventful day ahead.

Our after school provision provides an extensive participating of a wide range of inventive activities keeping them safe, engaged and more parents who require childcare up to 6pm peace, essentially knowing they are having FUN! 


Our fun drama club is designed to engage the children in a fun and creative way. They will be exercising their imaginations and taking part in improvisation, character work, exploring the way the body moves and tells stories, devising, script work and much more. Each term ends with a performance for the parents straight after the final class to see what the children have been up too and to celebrate their developments and achievements with a small awards ceremony. This can be added as an extension of your PPA booking.


MFL language club is a great way for children to extend their learning away from our MFL PPA lessons. Our Spanish, French, German and Italian teachers are passionate about teaching their naive language and culture. All our tutors are qualified, have experience in teaching children. This can be added as an extension of your PPA booking.


The school curriculum is so jam packed that children often don't get the time to explore their own creative talents. Tiny Artists aims to give children an opportunity to express themselves in a fun and supportive after school ART club. This can be added as an extension of your PPA booking.


Our music after-school clubs are great fun for pupils to learn. Children are taught to play different instruments as well as reading scores. Performance skills are taught in a fun and friendly way by trained music teachers. Fun performance skills are taught in a fun and friendly way by trained musicians who specialise in working in EYFS, KS1, and KS2. This can be added as an extension of your PPA booking.


Multi-Sports allow children to explore and enjoy a diverse range of fun filed sports activities. This is fast growing activity amongst pupils, as it is a variety and collection of creative sports and games delivered to bring fun and fulfilment to children of all ages. This is perfect for children who enjoys variety or wants to find out which sport they enjoy the most. It is a great way for children to come together, make new friends and work in teams.


Football is a great way to bring children together, so they can learn to work in teams to achieve goals and have fun. They do not need to be a at any particular level to join our fun and interactive sessions for all abilities, but if they would like to develop their football skills to a competitive level, Active Learners is a great to learn technical and transferable skills. Football builds children in multiple ways aside from the technical skills acquired.


Gymnastics helps children to build a range of coordination and motor skills including balance, agility and good posture. It aids children in developing muscle strength and endurance. Gymnastics helps children to learn about body awareness, improves their body coordination, and develops toned muscles. Exercise helps children to develop at emotional, cognitive and physical levels.

Street Dance 

Our street dance club is created to offer street dance classes for all children - from absolute beginners. Our aim is to create and grow a group of passionate dancers where they can rely and support on each other while learning street dance and developing their dance skills

Film Club 

Film club is a free after-school activity for children and young people aged 5 to 19. It introduces pupils to the wonder of films by running a weekly club in school to show fantastic movies from every era and corner of the world. Watching a film is anything but passive. Fim Club opens the door onto a dazzling world of cultures, life stories, aspirations, times and places. we are encouraging children to discuss, debate, reflect and develop their critical skills, embedding film as part of their cultural experience.


Our fun basketball club helps children of all abilities improve their skills through structured coaching sessions that develop dribbling, shooting, passing, rebounding, understanding and effective game play ability. As well as loads of fun e aim to teach correct technique with an emphasis on fun and building confidence in all participants so they may maximise their enjoyment and full potential.


Our Cricket club is all about the fun,  being positive and building confidence in children. Developing the micro motor skills to help children feel comfortable, confident and make them feel every swing and movement is natural. Natural movement where we build up the micro core physical attributes for children which is critical.

Interested in any of these clubs or want to add any of these to your full day of PPA?

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