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We always try encourage pupils with positivity as well as teaching pupils to be responsible for the things they do, and we use a GOLD system to do so. The wonderful thing about positivity is that it doesn’t just affect one area of your life. It affects every area. Some may not believe that your happiness matters, but the happier you are, the more you lean into the best version of yourself. This creates a ripple effect—when you’re filled with joy and peace, you become a better student, a better friend, and a better teacher. Positivity makes it easier to achieve your goals. That’s because when you’re in a positive frame of mind, you can make better decisions. 


ive learning your best 


wn your choices


ove yourself




Try your best at everything.

Show respect, be honest and be responsible for your actions. 

Love yourself and love your neighbour as you love yourself.


ream big & work hard


Aim high, always be ready to learn and always tell yourself i can do it.

Key benefits:

  • Increases joy and optimum.

  • ​Enhances acting with more generosity and compassion

  • ​Improves physical health. 

  • Creates a thriving classroom.

  • Teaches pupils to be more honest and more responsible for their actions, which encourages them to do the right thing next time.

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