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As each day goes by more and more children struggle with mental health.

We at Active Learners want to every child who.s struggling with mental health a helpful hand

Todays current issues 

  • The need for our services increase everyday which means more children are dealing with mental health but the great thing is we are dealing with it.

  • Three children in every class have a diagnosable mental health problem.

  • Half of all mental health problems are established by the age of 14.

Dealing with issues from early 

We are a innovator in early intervention. We help schools recognise and identify mental health problems, allow children to focus on learning and give them tools to handle challenges throughout their lives.

Dealing with any mental health issues from as early as possible can have a major affect in a child's future future. We want to tackles mental issues from an early stage so as children get older and become adults, they're not carrying these issues into their adult lives. Majority of adults who are dealing with mental issues or any other form of issues are doing so because of challenges or trauma they faced when they were children which they didn't deal with, maybe because they did not know how to or there wasn't anyone for them to speak to. We always offer a helping hand to listen to problems and help to overcome them 

Consoldative development 

All our provision is knowledgeable by attachment theory, which proposes that our early relationships affect our development. Our mental health professionals use an 'consolidative’ approach. This consolidative support for children brings together diverse strands of therapeutic thinking to help the development of each pupil.

  • Person-centred – supporting pupils and family members make the best choices for themselves

  • Psychoanalytic – discovering how hidden thoughts, feelings and experiences shape current relationships

  • Systemic – working with pupils and family members in the context of their relationships and environment.

This theory help with aspects such as:

  • Cognitive behavioural – helping pupils control problems by altering how they think and behave

  • Result-focused – assisting pupils work towards their own solutions. Our mental health professionals may have supplementary areas of expertise. This allows us to support even more people.

Safety and principles 

Safe and principle repetition is a primacy for Active Learners and our mental health professionals

All our mental health professionals are trained in safeguarding processes and procedures.

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